Subhash Chander is a professional voice actor who has done a wide variety of voiceover work for international clients including Global University, Heguru, Discovery HD and has performed the voice for Mahatma Gandhi in 2 documentaries as well.

Gifted Voice

Subhash’s natural voice is quite a unique Next door guy conversational type of voice that is usually described as charming, accessible, friendly, genuine, authentic, believable, relatable, trustworthy, fun, fresh, youthful, engaging, sincere, happy , reassuring, warm, playful, motivational, straightforward and strong but sweet. Subhash’s characters on the other hand, range from teen to elderly, villain to hero, wacky to voice of god, scary to timid, tough to wimpy, nasal to guttural, demonic to soothing, cartoon to corporate, action star to annoying kid, clown to snob, the delivery of words, and the list goes on.

Subhash is a proven gifted and proficient actor and will get your script done not only quickly, but also to your satisfaction and that is no sales pitch-soft sell or otherwise…. It is a fact! Even though Subhash has spent most of his life behind a microphone or writing, producing and performing, a passion from his school days. Subhash brings conscientiously high quality production value in a reliable, extremely fast and friendly manner with versatility and diversity of character unrivaled by only the top in the industry.

Studio and Audio

We all want quality. Fast. It doesn’t matter what it is. Quick, painless and highest quality available. You are getting that with Subhash Chander; but you are also getting someone who is constantly known as a “pleasure to work with”! Subhash has been involved in over 20 years singing on stage! He knows this stuff well and his studio space and equipment and best as per industry standards. He uses the best of mics, preamps, soundproofing, software and most importantly, experience in using these tools-that’s what you are getting here, folks, I kind of want to hire Subhash myself now.

Whether your need is a voice over for a commercial , cartoon , video game , movie trailer , internet video , documentary , narration , in-show narration , radio imaging , radio spot , white-board animation , characters , ADR , automated dialog replacement , dubbing , re-recording , bumper , ident , stinger , sounder , audio book , corporate narration , video , e-learning , explainer video , training video , case study , Kick starter video , crowdfunding video , crowd sourcing video , corporate investor video , investor video , marketing video , film , Intro video , sponsor video , presentation video , TV project , VSL , video Sales Letter , Sales Video , educational script , E-Learning module , orientation video , study , tourism guide , tourism promo , on-hold message , IVR , phone message , tutorial , brand anthem , branding video , launch video, teaser video, recruitment video , proof of concept video , concept video , product explainer , podcast , intro , outro, internal video , inspirational vo, museum guide , museum narration , mobile app , android or ios , or promo… As he says in his cheeky promo: “Subhash will get it done for you!”


Subhash is excellent at portraying young adults, middle-aged and even elderly men–but you’ll absolutely love his characters for your documentaries, cartoons, video games, commercials, radio spots, etc! His diversity and character range are exemplary and he’s a tried and true, talented actor!

Subhash takes direction well and can give you a different read on the spot, improvise and riff and has the studio chops to do marathon sessions–all tested and proven true over a great many years in a studio environment!

Subhash can provide Raw, finished, produced spots and videos–I can even write and edit the copy if you like! He can also do screen capture videos, add music, add sound effects, post-production, dubbing, re-dubbing, mixing, mastering–basically, anything you want to do involving a spot, video, audiobook, etc, He can do and offer free revisions and a satisfaction guarantee!